Teaching and HE

In the UK, lecturers are encouraged to undertake a period of learning and training about lecturing, teaching in general and course design. As part of my job I have studied student learning, and am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Such qualifications are  now being seen as an important element in maintaining teaching quality and are part of how UK universities are graded in the teaching evaluation framework (TEF). As a course director I have become involved in the design and development of degree programs at my university which involves sitting on numerous committees and exam boards. In these activities our role seems increasingly to be focused on preventing the ever-accelerating ‘consumption’ model of university degrees and ensuring that our university does not get too incentivised into giving students a less valuable learning experience by treating them as ‘customers’.

Other blogs and academics are more deeply engaged with the political debate around Higher Education in the UK, and these blogs are linked on the blogroll. Posts on this blog tagged as teaching will focus more on the day to day consequences of these debates.

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