Roleplay scenarios with or without game elements offer potential for product impact or skills development.

It is often quoted that you can find out more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of working together. As early as the ancient Greeks, scholars were pointing out the foundational value of play in learning culture and the order of everyday life. This suggests that if we could only reverse the process, and get back to playing, we could explore alternative scenarios and think up new responses to serious challenges.

Roleplay, or the act of temporarily taking on a role offers the opportunity to consider how we might do things differently. Military and crisis simulations often use this technique to develop capabilities and resilience in staff who might face such crises for real. Yet it is not necessary to restrict such activities to simulation. Techniques such as storytelling and mythodrama offer opportunities to explore the lessons of leadership, teamwork and negotiation in a range of fictional settings in order to develop transferable skills.

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