LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation

Build better outcomes with bricks!

A diagram of a team's brick model

The LEGO Serious Play method supports open communication, inhibits unproductive hierarchies and generates creativity. It’s a dynamic method which is easily adapted to a wide range of objectives, and a particularly engaging way to generate solutions from existing internal expertise. The method has been used by hundreds of large and small organisations to enhance engagement, facilitate communication, and mediate strategic change.

How does it work?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an open-source process developed by the LEGO group and used in organisations from the NHS to NASA. The process applies sophisticated theories of learning to motivate and engage. But mostly it involves playing with LEGO bricks! All the hard work of thinking and planning is in the hands of your facilitator.

A facilitator will mobilise your existing knowledge and capabilities through model building, using the methodology to support your requirements. This could be building trust, learning, strategic planning or innovation. There’s a wide range of possibilities. More detail on the method is provided by LEGO here, and you can also find information on the growing evidence base for serious play at

Free LSP content is available on the Seriously Learned YouTube channel

What is it for?

Facilitation using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials is particularly suited to;

  • Building and affirming team identities at away days or onboarding
  • Supporting professional development activities
  • Renewing or developing strategic direction
  • Communicating and negotiating change
  • Ideation and new product development
  • Kickstarting innovation

See the blog for specific applications, or join our learning community.

Why Seriously Learned?

Serious Work certificate

Dr Laura Mitchell is a SERIOUS WORK certified facilitator in the Lego Serious Play method and materials, and has a decade of experience in the design and delivery of education and training to groups large and small. As an expert scholar in business culture and a fellow of the higher education academy, she can design customised scenarios according to your needs. 


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