My research interests are wide and varied, but I am fundamentally interested in value, work and culture explored through the lens of performance and symbolic interactionism. This incorporates an interest in the meaning of work and human dignity. I have undertaken studies of volunteer work, work in international ship management, in the representation of rural business and in the organisation of UK live-action role-play events. My current research projects look at the impact of digital platforms on the work experience.

One of the most difficult parts of academia is the strange segregation of practice often evident between teaching and research. Although research informed teaching is the key ‘added value’ component of a university education, the management of different tasks on a day to day basis is something of a juggling act. I am not a regular blogger, but will occasionally post according to whatever might be passing at the time. I aim to make these posts accessible to all and so I try to avoid lapsing into ‘academic’ writing styles. Articles discussing research may focus on particular topics of interest, or on the everyday experience of research events (such as conferences, in-house seminars or workshops). All the fun of administering and promoting research activity may also be discussed and tagged under research.

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