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It was an awful lot of fun and I’d like to do something like this again! I think our ending worked with our actions and with the source material. An almost no-win scenario…total horror!

Anonymous – MMU Horror Crisis Scenario

Intrigued. Amused. Impressed. I worked it all out, but just too late to be effective. It was the best of both worlds, gruesome but poignant!

Anonymous – MMU Horror Crisis Scenario

Expressing our work through play is a different concept and I really liked it.

Tom – LEGO® Serious Play® Teambuilding workshop

The lego teambuilding workshop was well structured and delivered in an engaging and enthusiastic fashion by Laura. Colleagues found the exercises and feedback insightful and a great aid to reflection. The combination of the theoretical with the practical makes this a rich learning experience with application across a variety of learning scenarios. The process created energy, fun and, most importantly,  a positive learning experience for delegates.

Martin – Rochdale Leadership Academy

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